How to Create a Poster Design

In today's tutorial, we are creating a poster design strawberry flavor using Photoshop. You can download the file for free in the source files.  Let the fun begins. 

Step 1
Greate e new document set the with to 2550 pixels and the height to 3300 pixels with a resolution of 300 pi. Add the Gradient map set the style to Radial, Angel to 90, and check Reverse, change the colors to pink (AD0906) and to plain white. You can learn how to use gradient map here How to Change Any color to Another using Gradient Map. (coming soon) 

Step 2
Open all the files that we are using for this project in separate windows (strawberry and paint splash). Go to the strawberry window, unlock the layer, and drag on to our working window with a pink background. Resize the strawberry layer so that it is in the middle of the background.

Step 3
Next, we need to make 4 separate pieces of the strawberry. To achieve this, we will use the Pen tool. You can check here how to use the Pen tool (The Ultimate Pen Tool Guide, coming soon). Make sure that the pen tool is set on Path, and that the strawberry layer is not a smart object. That is very important because if the layer is a smart object, the next step won't work. This is the reason why we open our strawberry image in a separate window. If your layer is a smart object just rasterize it (right-click - rasterize). We'll start from the bottom. Take the Pen tool and mark approximately 3/4 of the strawberry. Press Ctrl + X to delete the selection that we made so that we get the first piece of strawberry. Press Ctrl + V to return the rest of the strawberry.

Repeat the process 2 times so that in the end we have 4 separate pieces of strawberry each one a separate layer. Reposition the parts.

Step 4
In this step, we are adding some depth to each strawberry pieces. Select the ellipse tool and make a small ellipse shape, change the color to red, rotate, and resize so that fit perfectly to the bottom of the strawberry pieces.

Next, we will add the shadow effect so that it looks realistic. Press and hold Ctrl then click the layer thumbnail to make the selection of the ellipse shape active. With the soft brush, color set on black, paint over the edges of the selection. Make a copy of the ellipse layer and then do the same steps for the rest of the pieces.

Step 5
Create a new layer, set the size brush around 7, change the color to a slightly brighter red. Select the Pen tool and go over the top edge of the strawberry to add a stroke. Right-click and select the Stroke path, chose tool Bruch, on check Simulate Pressure, press Ok. Right-click and delete the path. Lower the opacity to around 60%. Add the stroke to the rest of the pieces.

Step 6
Unlock the Paint Splash layer and drag it to our working window. Place it on the third piece of the strawberry, resize. Using the Warp tool shaped to fit nicely to the third strawberry piece.

Add the layer mask to the Paint Splash layer and tidy a little bit around the edges, to hide parts of the splash that we don't want to be visible. 

Step 7
In this last step, we are going to add some extra splash to make our image interesting. Go to the Paint Splash image window and with the Lasso tool select small bits of the splash and drag it to our working window. 

With the lasso tool select the splash that you want to reuse it, press Ctrl + J to make a copy of the splash on the separate layer. Resize and place it at the end of the first and the second piece.

In the end, I decide to change the color of the background to red. It looks so much better. And that is it, you need to add some text and your poster is ready to go on the billboard. Thanks for reading the article I hope you liked it, and we’ll read on in the next one. 😀😀

Final Image