How to Change Any color to Another using Gradient Map

In Photoshop there are several different ways to change color to any other color. In this tutorial, we are changing the color of the T-shirt, using the Gradient adjustment layer. Let the hun begins.

To be able to change any color to any other color, the first thing that we need to do is to make a selection of the portion of the image that you want to play with. With the Quick selection tool make the selection and click on the icon in the lower right corner (create new fill or adjustment layer) and select Gradient Map. But make sure that your foreground and background color set on default color (black and white).

Click on the gradient thumbnail to open the Gradient Bar. Then click on the Gradient Bar to open the Gradient Editor. On the Gradient bar down below, you will see two stops. On the left part of the gradient, stop represent Shadows and on the right part of the gradient, stop represent Highlights.

By clicking in the middle of the gradient bar, where the mid-tones are, we'll and the third stop that we'll use to change the colors. By moving, middle stop, to the right our color will be darker because we introduce more dark tones into the highlights. If we move, middle stop, to left it will be brighter because we introduce more light tones into shadows. Between the middle stop and the highlights stop are located white small dots which are called Color Midpoint. If you move midpoint to the left your color will be shinier. If your move midpoint to the right you will get matted color.

You can use this technic for changing the color of the eyes. The only thing that you need to change is the blending mode of the gradient map to Overlay. To give a more natural look to the eyes. Remember, always change color in the midtones stop.

Thanks for reading the article I hope you liked it, and we’ll read on in the next one.😀😀