How To Put an Image In Text

 In today's tutorial, we will learn how to put an image into text using Photoshop. For this tutorial, we are using ink splatter brushes, you can download yours in the source file.  Let the fun begins.

Step 1
Create a new document, size 1920 x 1080px with resolution of 150 pi. With a type tool, write the word that you want to use and select a bold font, I am using Impact font. Go to the Window and choose the Character panel. From this panel, you can make changes to your text like sizekerning (adding or subtracting space between specific pairs of characters). In this project I wanted my letters to be as close to each other as possible so I used the shortcut do to that. With type tool make the selection between the letters that you want to move, press and hold ALT, and use arrow keys to move the letter left or right.

Step 2
Go to File - Place Embedded and upload an image that you want to use for this project, make sure that the image is on top of the text layer. Right-click and choose create a clipping mask. Resize your image so that fits nicely inside of the text. And basically, we are done. But we are gonna take this to another level. Right-click on the text layer and choose the Blending Options. Go to Drop Shadow set the Blending Mode to Normal, Opacity to 88%, Angel - 120, Distance: 6, Spread: 0, Size: 6

Go to Stroke, set the size to 1 px, Position: outside, Blending Mode - Normal, Opacity to 100%, Color black.

Step 3
It is time to change the background. Double click on the background layer to unlock. Right-click and choose the Blending Options. Select Gradient Overlay, Blending Mode - Normal, Opacity 100%, Style: Radial and mark Reverse, set the Scale to 150 %. Click on Gradient and go to the left slider and pick a dark grey color. Go to a right slider and pick a lighter gray color. 

Step 4
The next step is to add the brush effect. Make a copy of the text layer, right-click, and select Rasterize layer. Go to the brush panel and choose your brush ( ink splatter brush ) and paint over the text. Try different sizes of the brush or even different brushes and make sure that you are on the copy, rasterize the layer.

Final Image

Of course, you can pick any color that you wish. You can even add the same picture as a background, set the opacity to around 25%, and add some Gaussian Blur and that is it. I hope you enjoy it and maybe learn some new techniques. Thank you for your time and we'll read on in the next one. 😇