Easy Color Matching in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to quickly color match images in Photoshop. Let the fun begins.

Step 1

We are going to work with this composite it has two layers, background layer, and foreground layer. I've already extracted the foreground from the background. You can read here how to mask an object. Start by creating a Curves adjustment layer. Then press Ctrl + Alt + G to make a clipping mask, so that adjustment only affects the model. Make sure that the focus, the white outline is on the layer thumbnail and not the layer mask. Then hold Alt and click on the Auto button.

Step 2

It is going to open a pop-up window, select Find Dark & Light Colors, and uncheck Snap Neutral Midtones. Then click on the Shadows, and select the darkest point in the background. Then click on the Highlights and select the brightest point in the background. Note, pure white and pure black will not work for these. Then press OK and press NO. In most cases, you do not want to save these colors as default. Then you can fine-tune the curve to create a better match. Greate a few points and add more contrast.

And that's it, folks we are done. In a few simple steps, we color match the foreground with the background. Thanks for reading the article I hope you liked it, and we’ll read on in the next one.😅😅