Plant Face Portrait Effect

In this tutorial, we are creating Plant Face Portrait. We will need some type of portrait, a picture of ivy, and some texture. You can download your files for free in the source files. Let the fun begins.

Step 1
Upload the image that you are want to use for this tutorial, add a Solid Color-Black. Make a copy of the model layer, and move it above all layers. Rename the layer to model.

Step 2
Take a Pen tool, make sure that is on a path, and make a selection on the cheek. Right-click select Make Selection and press Ok. Select the Marquee tool, right-click, and select Layer Copy vie Cut. Do the same on the forehead. 

Your selection should look something like this.  

Step 3
Turn off both layers, for now. Go to the model layer, right-click, and select Blending Options, choose Bevel & Emboss. Set the Style: Inner Bevel, Technique: Smooth, Depth: 53, Size 10, Soften: 0, Angel: 30, Highlights Mode: Screen, color black, Opacity 50%, Shadow Mode: Multiply and for the color, take a color picker and choose a color that is similar to the skin color, set Opacity to 50%.

Now we will add shadow. Set the Blending Mode to Multiply, Opacity at 50%, Angel: 30, Distance: 42, Spread: 50, Size: 36 

Step 4
Go to File - Place Embedded and choose ivy layer, resize so that nicely fits in the selection, and place it under the model layer. Make a copy of the ivy layer and place it above the model layer, add a layer mask and invert (Ctrl + I).

We will use this layer to add some ivy outside of the selection so that looks more dramatic. With a brush tool, hardness around 60%, color set on white, paint on the outside of the selection to revealing some ivy.

Step 5
It is time to add our skin layers. Turn on bout layers, placed them so that they slightly apart from the face. Apply Bevel & Emboss and Drop Shadow. The settings are the same as for a model layer.

Step 6
Merge all layers using shortcuts, press and hold the Shift key + Ctrl + Alt + E. This will make a stamp of all layers (this is a non-destructive way for merging layers). Apply Wedding action, this is for a dramatic look, add texture image from the source file, set the blending mode to Soft Light, opacity 50%.

Final Image

And that is it for this tutorial. Thanks for reading the article I hope you liked it, and we'll read on in the next one. 😇😇