How to Mask out an Object in Photoshop

One of the most popular tasks in Photoshop is cutting out and masking things or removes the background. In this tutorial, we will look at quick Select, Refine Edge, and Colour Range. Your choice will depend on the image, see the difference, and then choose the best option for your task.

 Quick Selection Tool (W)

The quick select tool is great for things like hair and people. There are two ways to use the quick selection tool. One is to simply click on different areas of the image with the Magic Vand tool, which selects pixels based on tone and color. And another way we do the selection manually.

Get the quick selection tool from the toolbox. Make sure that add to selection selected (pen with +) Now drag the selection tool over the subject and if you make a mistake that is okay you can always go back and fixed with subtracting from selection (pen with -) when you are happy with the selection pres select and mask.

It will open the Select /Mask workspace. Now grab the refine edge brush tool make sure that it is on expands detection area(+ in the upper left corner) Paint over the areas of the flyaway hair. Make sure you get all the ends of the hair and don’t go too far into the image, you just want to get the edges, so you can tell Photoshop what is a hair and what is the background. On the right side is the properties panel you can change the view of the screen, smooth, feather, shift edges. When you are happy with a mask go to output to and select a new layer with a layer mask.

And one small tip, in recent versions of Photoshop, there is a one-click selection option that works really well, though it sometimes may need some help. Just click on select subject and leave photoshop to do his thing.

That would be it in this part, next time we will use Colour Range to remove clouds. Thanks for reading the article I hope you liked it, and we’ll read on in the next one.😅😅